Women’s Health is a specialty at Arapahoe Peak Health Center and we are able to offer comprehensive healthcare to women for a variety of needs. We strive to develop nurturing relationships and collaborative health care plans with women of all ages. These are some of the array of services we can assist our female patients with:

Complete Physical Exams

PAP screening and HPV testing

Breast Exams and recommendations for cancer screening

Coordinating and scheduling of Mammograms

Coordinating and scheduling of Bone Density Testing (DEXA)

Skin checks and cancer screening

Birth Control and Family Planning Consultaions and Management

IUD Placement

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Consultations, also offering considerations for Alternative Therapies and Compounding options

Cardiovascular Health and Risk Assessments

General Preventative Care



Men’s Health is also important at Arapahoe Peak, and we provide and recommend a comprehensive approach to issues that arespecific for men. As with all of our physicals, we schedule an hour of time in order to fully individualize our patients’ needs. Some Men’s Health services we can assist with include:

Complete Physical Exams

Prostate exams and PSA Testing

Sexual Dysfunction problems

Urological concerns

Cardiovascular Healthand Risk Assessments

Physical Health and Conditioning recommendations

Skin checks and cancer screening

Coordinating and Scheduling of Bone Density Testing (DEXA)