healthy-kids1  Urgent Care


At Arapahoe Peak Health Center, your family is our specialty, and we offer comprehensive healthcare for persons of all ages.

We schedule a full hour of time for Complete Physical exams and can address all aspects of health, including prevention of disease and health maintenance recommendations. We strive to build a collaboration with our patients in the management of their health goals.

Arapahoe Peak also offers Sports and Camp Physicals, DOT Physicals and Travel Health recommendations. We carry and offer most routine preventative and travel vaccines.

X-Ray facilities with Certified Technicians and Laboratory services are available on-site.


The staff at Arapahoe Peak are trained and capable of evaluating, stabilizing, and treating urgent and acute medical problems as well as a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.

Acute Walk-Ins problems are defined as those that cannot or should not wait until the next day to be evaluated. Urgency can be based on the severity of symptoms, or the potential for any health risks associated with delaying diagnosis and treatment.

Patients experiencing urgent illnesses or injuries may call for a same-day appointment if appropriate, or can be evaluated as a walk-in and will be seen as soon as possible and in order of priority. We have competent staff including EMTs and RNs that assist in triage of patients and can often assist in answering telephone concerns.

We encourage all patients with emergent concerns and life-threatening conditions to call 911 for appropriate assistance. We are capable of assisting in stabilization of emergencies, and in initiating ambulance transport to an appropriate hospital facility in Denver.