acute illness  sports injury


At Arapahoe Peak Health Center, we understand the need to accomodate patients experiencing sudden illness or injury so we offer competent evaluation and treatment of these concerns. In most cases, we can manage illness and injury in our office utilizing our access to multiple services and treatments, however, certain situations may require recommendation to obtain further testing or evaluation with a Specialist or with a Denver Hospital facility.

We have a comprehensive Laboratory on-site, and Xray capabilities. We can provide IV fluids and therapy, and carry a large variety of oral and IV medications if needed.

Oxygen and Respiratory treatments are available, and we can assist in setting up home oxygen and respiratory medication needs.

We can quickly evaluate wounds and injuries, and provide care with casting, splinting and suturing.


Given our active population of patients, the providers at Arapahoe Peak are often evaluating and treating sports-related injuries, and making recommendations regarding Sports Health. In addition to providing sports examinations and physicals, we can offer evaluation and treatment of a wide variety of acute injuries and sports-related concerns. To name a few:

Evaluation and Xray of Injuries, both Acute and Chronic

Fracture Care

Wound and Laceration Repair, Suturing and Stapling

Contusions, Abrasions, and Skin Cleansing

Joint Injuries and Swelling

Muscle pulls, Strains and Sprains

Recommendations for Prevention of Injuries, Exercise and Physical Conditioning

Referral and Collaboration with Physical Therapy and other Allied Health Providers