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We are excited to announce the launch of a new project that will help us in fulfilling our search to find valid, meaningful and lasting ways to influence and create a positive impact on healthcare throughout the world on a global level.

We feel that as a health care facility and as trained providers, we are in a unique position to join in efforts in volunteering where health is diminished or endangered by violations of human rights or where much needed supplies and what we would consider to be basic care is lacking.

Our mission is to set aside an amount of money each month into a fund that will be used to send one of us per year for a month of volunteer work in an area that is greatly in need of medical services and compassionate care. These locations would be researched and arranged by us, in collaboration with one of many possible outside volunteer organizations.

Realizing that although the needs of our own community are great, there is also a need for all of us to have a global interest and understanding of how healthcare issues directly impact human quality of life. In broadening our perspective of humanity to include a global perspective of healthcare, we embrace becoming more compassionate and caring to our patients.

We will always be committed to providing great care to the Evergreen and surrounding communities.

The goals of the Global Project are many:

To provide meaningful ways to impact the lives of less fortunate in the world while utilizing our skills and training globally.

To support grassroots projects in developing countries.

To work in collaboration with established committed volunteer organizations that can help to guide us in bringing our idealism and expertise to those who need it most.

To validate our belief that health is a human right.

To have a person or a team from our local health care clinic that is available to respond and offer assistance during national or international natural disasters or other devastating events that may occur in the future.

To offer volunteer health work and outreach in devastated areas of the world and to support cross-cultural learning.

As we continue to work on the development of this project, we hope to have the encouragement and support from our community and patients, and look forward to sharing our experiences with everyone. Having a broadened perspective on healthcare issues in the world will hopefully impact not only our personal lives, but also make us better people, better health care advocates and better providers to our patients here at home.

We’ll keep you posted as things progress!

James, Randy and Monica
Arapahoe Peak Health Center


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